ZIMBABWE BUCKET LIST (II): For Fearless Travellers

Our previous bucket list blog included a variety of fun-filled activities for all our travellers, so today we’d like to share a few experiences to tempt the brave, daredevil visitors to our beautiful land!

Diving in the Chinhoyi Caves
Spoiler alert! We have a fantastic article on this activity in our forthcoming issue, so I won’t give away too much. Stay tuned for more on the mystery and wonder of the deep blue caves…

chinhoyi caves
© Christian Burger

White Water Rafting
Exhilarating, terrifying and definitely worth the massive hike at the end! I myself have dared to take on the Zambezi River in all her glory. White water rafting started in the early 1980s and has grown exponentially over the years. In the low water season - usually from August to December – your adventure starts at Rapid Number 1 near the “boiling pot” of the Victoria Falls and run through to Rapid 19, where you finish and exit via a steep gorge. In high water season - May June and July, January, February and March - you start at rapid 11 and run through to rapid 23. This is because the first ten rapids are simply not safe during high water season.
Having done this crazy sport in the low water season of December (twice!), I can certainly vouch for the fun it provides, the endless stories you have to tell and the adrenaline pumping situations you’ll experience along the way!

© Shearwater Adventures

Sky Walk
Located in the Eastern Highlands, the sky walk is the very first of its kind in Zimbabwe! Offering a full panoramic view of the Mutarazi Falls, it’s certainly an activity you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re in the area! Unfortunately, I can’t speak from personal experience YET… so, we invited Warwick Hattingh tell you all about it:
“We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to do both the sky walk and the skyline over the Christmas holidays. Weather was perfect - early morning crisp mist on arrival which soon cleared up to welcome blue sunny skies. The first bridge is about 30 metres long and looks like vines above the Mutarazi Falls. Once you are safely clipped in, the distance down below is not for the faint-hearted. The second bridge is three times the length of the first and provides the best look at the falls as well as a full panoramic view of the valley and the scene in all its natural glory. The skyline was our last activity and that was exhilarating! At around 400 metres long, it feels pretty close to what it might be like to fly! With the wind in your hair and your feet hundreds of metres above the ground you soon realise why it’s called the skyline.”

Sky Walk
© Chris Cragg


© Warrick Hattingh

Flight of Angels
Regarded by those not in the helicopter as one of the noisiest tourist attractions in the Falls, the Flight of Angels is still an epic journey over the magnificent curtain of rushing water that is Victoria Falls. The ride last about fifteen minutes, which is plenty of time to see a full 360 view of Zimbabwe’s own “Seventh World Wonder”, but for this spectacular scene it could never be possibly be enough time. David Livingston said it best, but we won’t repeat his overly quoted words. Those of you who don’t know his famous line yet, visit the falls and find out for yourselves.

Flight Of Angels
© Footprints Zimbabwe

Bungee Jump
While I’ve only bungee jumped at Bloukrans bungee near Plettenberg Bay, I have heard the tales of the many Victoria Falls’ bungee jumpers. All say it’s worth the plunge for any thrill-seeking traveller. My cousin Clayton Wilson jumped at the tender age of twelve: here is his story:

“Of all the adventurous, adrenalin-seeking activities that I have done in my life… skydiving thousands of meters above the ground to diving on the sea floors, bungee jumping has to be my favourite. It’s so good that I've done it twice. There's something about plummeting towards the mighty Zambezi River with your stomach in your throat that really gets the heart pumping. I remember standing on the edge of the bridge with my thoughts racing and my blood flowing and then suddenly being in freefall… the feeling of weightlessness quickly overtaken by absolute awe after witnessing the amazing scenery below and all around me. From the rushing water flowing over the rapids below to the little red flowers dotted in amongst the greenery… best of all was the brilliant rainbow shining in the misty spray of the Victoria Falls. It’s all over in a few seconds but the memory will live with me for the rest of my days.”

Bunjee Jumping
© Shearwater Adventures


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