Travel Tales

Pilgrim’s Rest: A Living Museum

Pilgrim's Rest is a quaint living museum of a mining town which experienced a gold rush in 1873 when the South African government declared it a gold field. This well-preserved little town is the setting for the book about the famous dog "Jock of the Bush Veld" by Percy FitzPatrick. His writings are preserved in a building in Pilgrim’s Rest, which served as the location for the 1988 motion picture of the book. The tarmac road in front of the Royal Hotel was covered with gravel for the movie.

Wonders Never Cease.

When travelling, which is something I love to do, I try to be a good “Tommy” tourist but also a good traveller. New places and new experiences are a must for me as travelling from Zimbabwe is so expensive. While I love to see the sights that people write about and recommend I also love to find a local person from that area and ask his/her to take me to where they socialise, where they eat and so on during their everyday life. It gives one more of a feel about how they really live, survive and entertain.