How I Got the Shot: Reflective Symmetry

My most recent visit to Mana pools with Chris and Carol Sheppard coincided with the start of the rainy season. Two day before our arrival 165 mm of rain fell in 24 hours.

Our first evening game drive terminated at Trichilia view point. It was sundowner time, so the G&T`s were guzzled quickly as the sun set and dipped behind the distant Zambian escarpment. We were amazed to see how much standing water remained, forming a large pool in front the road and near the Zambezi River.
We set up quickly for scenic photography, covering the trees, the Zambezi River and waterlogged foreground from every conceivable angle.    
When I got home and edited my photos, this one jumped out at me.  I made a mental note that this would be a good entry should Mashonaland Photographic Society ever feature “symmetry” as a set subject for out monthly competition, so I titled it “Reflective Symmetry”… and low and behold, it turned up for the February competition.
Parameters:- Camera  Canon EOS 7D, Mrk II  Lens/ Canon Zoom  17-35mm/ EF L f2.8/ f stop  f16 /Speed 1/250th Sec/ ISO 500/ Focal length 17mm/ Auto white balance and hand held.
In Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, I cropped the picture to 50/50 horizontally. I corrected the horizon to make it perfectly level, added some contrast, darkened slightly and added a touch of yellow warming filter to boost the colours. The slightly off-centre circular frame of branches around the ant hill and sun burst form a perfect place for the eye to settle when viewing.



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