How I Got the Shot: “Picking Up the Scent”

It was March 2018 in the Central Kalahari in Botswana. My mate Jens and I had gotten an early start as we had quite a drive for the day and the sun had just come through in all its golden glory when off to the right we saw a pack of six dogs.  
A very exciting sighting for the Kalahari.  We stopped our vehicles and sat just in front of them. I had my Nikon D4s with my 600mm f4 lens.  
The camera had to be set for the low light and shooting into the sun - a very challenging shot. The speed was lower than I would normally shoot at but I was resting the lens on my knees and leaning back against the Cruiser; my f-stop at 4 to try and allow as much light in as possible. I took many shots trying to get the metering right.  
The dogs came into the road and saw us.

They were very inquisitive and came closer and closer until eventually I could not fit them into the view finder. I had to crop and shoot best I could.  
I must have taken between 200-250 shots; the advantage of shooting digital. You can try all the options until you get the right shot you are looking for. Once the dogs were ten metres away from us, the matriarch decided they needed to move on and with a whimper turned the pack.
As they moved off, they stopped at a small thorn bush and sniffed around, as they could obviously smell the scent of something interesting. It was a quick sniff and then they turned and headed off into the small shrubs as if on a mission to have breakfast.
It was truly an amazing sighting and a great start to the day.

Wild Dog


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