FOOTLOOSE: Sri Lanka – Health, Hospitality and Holidays

My trip took me further south to Galle, a historical city founded in the 16th century. Its World Heritage Site status makes it a popular destination in Sri Lanka. The Dutch fort is the largest European-built in Asia. The Dutch Reformed Church was completed in 1754, with underground tunnels running from the church to the Governor’s House. The British built the Galle Lighthouse, which offers an excellent view of the sea and land around Galle.

My next stop was Yala, home to the country’s second largest and most visited national park. Animals including elephants, water buffalo, deer, sloth bears and what is considered the highest density of leopard in the world reside in the park. Driving through this part of the country I felt as though I was in our very own Hwange National Park.

As a popular tourist destination, Sri Lanka is working to promote its medical tourism industry by regulation and accreditation. The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) controls the initiative, and has appointed a specific team to evaluate the country’s medical tourism services. Clinic, hospitals, Ayurvedic facilities, spas and hotels are assessed for quality standards and awarded international certification once they meet the required standards and regulations. Medical tourists travel outside their countries for better cost-effective options with minimal frustrations and waiting period. Medical tourists need extra care, services and consideration, and Sri Lanka wants to make sure their medical facilities deliver a professional service…

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