African Art At Alo Alo

Harare restaurant Alo Alo is hosting an exhibition of Zimbabwe artist Lin Barrie’s excellent paintings. The exhibition runs to the end of October. This is part of the “Best of Zimbabwe” initiative by Gordon Addams, to promote Zimbabwe’s wonderful tourism destinations. We visited the restaurant today, and the combination of Lin’s art in Alo Alo’s stunning garden and delicious lunchtime aromas wafting from the kitchen made for a wonderful sensory overload!

Alo Alo’s Welcoming Entrance

From her base in the south of Zimbabwe Lin draws inspiration for her work from her love of Zimbabwe’s diverse flora and fauna, as well as our country’s vibrant culture and people. Lin and her life partner, world-renowned conservationist Clive Stockil, are committed to the conservation of wildlife and community cultures.

Hwange Palms and New Rain- Sold!

By immersing herself in the environment and the world around her, Lin uses her paintbrush to bring her subjects to life on a canvas. From rhinos quenching their thirst at waterholes to wild dogs interacting with their pups… veld fires, drought, the night sky and moon phases… Lin finds inspiration from the world around her.

Victoria Falls by Lin Barrie

“I feel an intimate connection with the natural world,” Lin says. “I love travelling to the wilderness outposts of our world.  From my field sketches I create works on canvas, using oils and acrylics.  I enjoy the immediacy and abstract quality of my preferred tool – a treasured old palette knife inherited from my father, to create expressive strokes.”

Lin’s work is in collections in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Australia, England, Canada and the United States of America. Her commitment to conservation and endangered species through sales of her art benefits organisations such as Tusk Trust, which assists funding rhino and wild dog conservation in Zimbabwe, and anti-poaching efforts in the Save Valley Conservancy. Part proceeds of certain sales are channeled towards African Wild Dog Research in Zimbabwe, including the African Wildlife Conservation Fund in the Lowveld and Painted Dog Conservation in Hwange and Mana.

Kariba Dusk by Lin Barrie

Lin has collaborated with Jeremy Borg of Painted Wolf Wines to create wine labels for this excellent winery, with sales of Painted Wolf Wines raising funds for wild dogs in Zimbabwe through African Wildlife Conservation Fund (AWCF) and Painted Dogs Conservation (PDC).

Chilojo Cliffs with Runde River in Flood

Lin says: “Footprints Magazine will be a great vehicle for creating awareness of our lovely tourism landscapes in Zimbabwe, and I hope my landscapes will contribute in some small way to raising awareness of our fabulous tourism areas.”

Mana Light by Lin Barrie

After the exhibition ends Lin Barrie’s art can be viewed by appointment at her Harare studio. Before then why spend some time at Alo Alo at Arundel Shopping Centre in Mount Pleasant and enjoy one of their delicious meals in their luscious gardens surrounding Lin’s beautiful art?

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