The Blissful Silence at Hidden Rock

A Wednesday to Saturday break from the city is a smart move. Few other people are away from work so we had absolute peace, that delicious deafening silence and breathtaking views before our eyes.

Hidden Rock

Aloe Chabaudii was showing off in full flower as we strolled through the woodland wild flower gardens, with pops of stunning colour contrasts. The lichen on the rocks, an artist’s palette on their own… then on to the wild Poormans’ Beard, just dripping from the trees, as we lay on a massive rock bed enjoying a gentle breeze while looking up into bright blue winter skies through the tree canopy to the sound of birds calling around us.  We love rocky outcrops… the great explorer in us all explodes and we often felt we could play hide and seek at every turn.

hidden rock

Walking and stopping to admire a view a dam while having fun with photography is very therapeutic.  At times like these we also relish reading a good book, indulging in a braai when we are hungry…

And then, at the end of the day when we’ve sorted out all the world’s affairs with great conversation a hot shower completes the day as the sun sets over layered coloured mountains and one gets ready for a cozy night with more relaxing in front of a crackling log fire.

hidden rock

We had it all. The old Rhodesian boiler was an amazing invention and I promise I had not one goose bump drying off and getting into my night attire. Now for me, that’s a magical way to complete any day.
Of course, you also need to be alone or with like minded people the latter I scored a absolutely perfect one hundred percent.                        

hidden rock

The drive to Rusape is glorious and part of the journey’s fun is enjoying the vista. And then there were the coldest Coco Colas in Zimbabwe at the second garage on the right (as always) and no fuel queues! We thought Christmas had arrived early. The small things really do make such a difference to life in our Zimbabwe at the moment.
Take a left in Rusape to Nyanga go for approx. 52ks turn left and proceed for 3km off the main road and look out for Hidden Rocks on your right. The Nyanga mountains and surround Msasa woodlands offer incredibly beautiful views. It’s a magical, ethereal place, and perfect for those looking to reconnect with nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For the perfect getaway visit their website. Our hosts were certainly salt of the earth, and I promise you won’t regret your visit!

hidden rock


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