An African Sunset

The evening orchestra brings an end to another riveting day in the African savanna. Standing on the deck the evening silhouette embraces you in its warmth like Romeo embracing Juliet.


Peaty the Yellow-billed hornbill, “casques” as he spreads his wings, daring the sun not to set. A Lilac-breasted roller soars in transcendent beauty of colour magnified by the orange rays of sunset, only to be matched by the whistling of the wings as a pair of mourning doves takes flight.

Reclining on the deck chairs in front of the elephant pool your breath is taken away as you watch a herd of elephants make their way down the ridge, silent as mice with the occasional rumble and trumpeting, Africa’s very own jazz band playing its greatest hits; between these pillars of legs you watch in awe as calves stumble and run about yet no harm comes to them. Elephants truly are Africa’s gentle giants. You are smitten as you watch these colossal creatures greet each other in a way that would leave us humans green with envy, ears flapping as their trunks wrap around each other and spin around with joy, as if having a waltz.


They approach the pool without a care in the world and you watch them as they push and shove like school children, only to be brought in line by the rumbling of the matriarch. You gaze up at these mighty giants just a pool between you as they drink, hearing the water guzzle down their throats till they get their fill and slowly shamble away.

As you get into bed you would be forgiven for thinking the day is over, for somewhere deep in the Somalis area the mighty Bhubesi is walking, head held high, mane thick and heavy, tail swishing side to side. He truly is the king of the jungle and as if to prove it with a mighty roar he brings the day to an end; the lion roar truly is the sound and voice of our beloved Hwange.

With that you can’t help smile but fall asleep to the intoxicating sound of our African lullaby.



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