How I Got the Shot - Upstairs Downstairs

LOCATION: Wingate Golf Course
EQUIPMENT: Canon 7D Mark 2, Lens Canon 100mm Macro 2.8 Image Stabilised
PARAMETERS: Aperture F10. Shutter speed 1/250th sec. ISO 400. Focal length 100mm

Upstairs Downstairs - ChrisCollyer

Whilst walking around the golf course one afternoon, I came across a plant festooned with flies. The large amount of flies was due to the proximity of the Harare landfill, which is close to the bottom boundary fence of the course.

I noticed two regal-looking blow flies perched on a plant frond, and thought that the way they were sitting one atop and one under made for a pleasing photograph. The plant was very cluttered behind, but I had to select a fairly deep depth of field in order to get the flies in focus after trying several settings, F10 seemed to be best compromise.

In post-production I sharpened and added contrast. I selected a crop that put the flies on the thirds and the frond would lead your eye into the picture, stopping at the flies.

This photograph was originally featured in “PictureMaker”, the Mashonaland Photographic Society’s monthly newsletter.

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