How I Got The Shot: The Masque and the Flame

My wife has a potted Flame Lily that sits outside the kitchen door - you walk right past it every time you enter the house.

The day I took this particular picture it had been raining incessantly. I am not good at being cooped up indoors…

Late afternoon saw an easing of the downpour and as evening fell it stopped altogether. 

On my way to close the entrance gate I turned on the back porch light and saw that the Flame Lily flowers were dripping with rather attractive droplets of water. 

I grabbed my tripod from the office, broke out the Canon EOS 7D and fitted my 16 -35mm lens. I retrieved our small torch from the bedside table to add extra light behind the external flash.

Once I had decided on the best angle for a shot I turned off the outside lights and took a series of images at various apertures and exposures.

The unopened flower added a sense of drama, a strong counterpoint to the flower’s flame.

Post production involved some added contrast and sharpening in Photoshop.




This photograph was originally featured in “PictureMaker”, the Mashonaland Photographic Society’s monthly newsletter. It won the MPS award for “Best Photograph of the Year” (2017).

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