BBC Dynasties “Painted Wolves” Premier, Harare, December 2018

Having recently returned from a break in Mana Pools and managing to photograph these amazing animals for myself I was keen to attend this viewing.

I walked away from this astounding filmography feeling both sad and exhilarated. An hour of total escapism through the varied lenses of Nick Lyon’s professional crew we watched a snippet of a Dynasty; an excerpt of Blacktip and her mother Tait’s life – Mana Pools Painted Wolves aka Wild Dogs.

Chimanimani: The Corner

Catching Zimbabwe’s flora and fauna at its most splendid is achieved by being in the right place at the right time. Example: how many photographs can one take of the Msasa trees during our brief springtime, when these trees are at their most magnificent? It’s always hundreds of photos for me. Thankfully, these days we have digital cameras, and “delete” is a great option when the photograph is not quite right. As the Msasa trees’ majesty spreads before your eyes, it’s akin to an intricate tapestry of structured colour and texture. Just how does one stop getting that perfect shot when the trees’ shapes, forms and intricacies are so right and so different at each click of the camera?