Sharon Waterworth

Sharon has a passion for cultural heritage and joined the National Trust of Zimbabwe Board of Trustees Executive Council in 2009 and has held the position of vice chair since 2014. A Chartered Environmental Scientist by profession, she holds a BSc (Hons) Environmental Studies and Biology, is a member of The Institution of Environmental Sciences (UK) (MIEnvSc) and a Member of the European Network of Environmental Professionals.

She sits on the Environment Africa Board and the Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe Committee for Climate Change.  Sharon says that she has the mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist. She is the ex-chair of the Friends of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and ex-vice chair for the Hellenic Academy Arts Committee.

Sharon is a senior consulting partner with Black Crystal providing innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental management. She is a registered Consultant with the Environmental Management Agency. She uses her knowledge and understanding of the environment to further the aims of sustainable development. As education is a major key to sustainability she is dedicated to raising environmental awareness and takes pleasure in supporting the next generation of scientists and environmentalists. She is a mentor for young graduates locally and for The Institution of Environmental Sciences.

Sharon is married to Wayne and has one daughter, Samantha. She loves travelling, writing, reading, photography, performing arts, historical places, art and most of all spending time in the bush.   

Close Encounters of the Gorilla Kind (2)

“Stand your ground. Stand tall and don’t look him directly in the eyes,” said the guide, calmly.

That’s all very well, but when standing in front of a six foot 500 pound silverback gorilla it was difficult to compose myself and follow his instructions. One minute I had been observing the silverback sitting quietly in a glade; the next minute he stood up, ran over and mock-charged me. He let out a deep, grumbling rumbling sound from deep in his belly: a silverback warning intended to intimidate without becoming physical.

Close Encounters of the Gorilla Kind (1)

I was instructed to leave everything behind except my camera. I left my rucksack on the dense forest floor and followed my guide, my excitement building. A variety of birds were perched on high singing. I spotted a fabulous looking Blue-headed coucal, its deep and resonant song calling through the forest. The air was heavy with a heady mix of heat and humidity.
A clearing in the dense forest afforded a unique view: Rwanda to the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the west. I was in Mgahinga National Park, a least known about gem in south western Uganda.

EASTERN HIGHLANDS: History in Perpetuity

Grand black tie dinner parties were held every week at La Rochelle. Formal dinners were supplemented with displays of orchids, chamber music, party games or lectures. The interior of the house bears all the signs of a much-loved home, filled with fresh flowers, art deco furniture and highlights of the history of the Courtauld family.

The world-renowned “signature panels” bear the autographs of royalty, politicians, artists, writers, academics, famous actors and other personalities. Signatures etched on the glass panels with a diamond tipped stylus include: “Rab” and Molly Butler (conservative British politician and his wife), Sybil Thorndike (English actress), Julian Amery (Lord Amery of Lustleigh and British politician), Julian Huxley (British scientist), Laurens van der Post (South African author, philosopher and conservationist), South African activist Denis Goldberg and Zimbabwean politicians Herbert Chitepo, Leopold Takawira and Ndabaningi Sithole.