Nick Dyer

Nick’s passion for wildlife and photography began when he was growing up in Kenya, where he lived until his late teens. He worked in London as a fund manager and ran a successful marketing business after taking a break to drive across Australia, exploring every part of the roadless desert. After returning to Africa in 2012 he fulfilled his dream of full-time photography and satisfied his desire for a sense of adventure, exploring and photographing East and Southern Africa and developing a deeper insight and understanding of the issues facing Africa’s conservation and wildlife. During a visit to Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools in 2013 he fell in love with the Painted Wolf. The following year he met Peter Blinston, head of Painted Dog Conservation. They established the Painted Wolf Foundation to raise awareness of and support for Wild Dog conservation throughout Africa.

Tennessee Tragedy

The painted wolf seen being killed by a crocodile in the BBC “Dynasties” film was called Tennessee. She was a two-year-old daughter of Blacktip’s. This incident upset me greatly and still does. This is what I wrote in my diary afterwards and reproduced in my book “Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life”, which I wrote with Peter Blinston. I don’t want to show the graphic pictures in the book, because it is still too upsetting to see and far more disturbing than my baboon shots. Instead, this describes my gut feelings at the time for a wolf cut short in her prime and my pictures show her in happier moments of her life.