Jenny Brown

Jenny was born and raised in the farming district of Beatrice in Zimbabwe.  During her childhood and teens Corby Farm was her playground. She went to Beatrice Junior and Queen Elizabeth Senior schools where she studied, played sport and had fun – not necessarily in that order! She completed a secretarial course as her mother did not want her to be a ‘Window Designer’, but it stood her in good stead and she travel extensively for a “Farm Girl” at “that time”.  She has lead a colourful life with many up’s and down but is now happily married to Robin and has a beautiful daughter from a previous marriage.  Jen designs and makes up jewellery and takes her photographs which she sells when and where she can. Time is short now as she is in her 60s, and says she has much to do before she reaches the departure lounge.

Wonders Never Cease.

When travelling, which is something I love to do, I try to be a good “Tommy” tourist but also a good traveller. New places and new experiences are a must for me as travelling from Zimbabwe is so expensive. While I love to see the sights that people write about and recommend I also love to find a local person from that area and ask his/her to take me to where they socialise, where they eat and so on during their everyday life. It gives one more of a feel about how they really live, survive and entertain.