Jafuta Foundation

The Jafuta Foundation is registered in Zimbabwe. It is driven by a combination of sound business interests and extensive experience in conservation. The Foundation seeks to act as a catalyst to bring together the private sector, local authorities, communities and protected area management agencies to achieve its goals.
Jafuta is ideally located to provide a base for the community projects run by the Jafuta Foundation. It is on the edge of the Zambezi National Park and close to Victoria Falls. The centre at Jafuta acts as a focal point where projects that will benefit local communities and cultures and host experts in human/wildlife conflict, child education, research and social empowerment are carried out.
The Jafuta Foundation has an ongoing project with National Parks for the co-management of Kalisosa Vlei for the purpose of rehabilitation of water points and game movement. This is to assist with the Human/Wildlife Conflict project which aims to upgrade and maintain protected areas designated for wildlife in order to take the pressure off adjacent rural areas.
The Jafuta Foundation has administrative offices in Victoria Falls and has established the Jafuta Heritage Centre. This museum showcases the history and culture of local cultures.

Jafuta Foundation: Preserving Community, Culture and Conservation

When carefully and considerately applied, ecotourism preserves and benefits the places where it operates. A genuine and successful ecotourism experience involves a real cultural exchange, benefitting both the clients and their hosts in terms of sharing moments of respectful and authentic interaction. Our ecotourism initiatives consider the issues of cultural voyeurism, commercialisation of rural communities and the negative mindset that can impact children and youths through entertaining visitors and receiving gifts and money in return.