Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson was  born in Aberdeen Scotland.  He grew up during the era of the Second World War, and his memories of those early years is of hardship, hunger and the cold. The one thing he found pleasure in was roaming the local hills. Walking for miles along the banks of the salmon rivers to watch them leaping the rapids and falls. In 1950, the family moved to Kadoma (Gatooma) in the-then Southern Rhodesia, and to a country Ian considers “Paradise”. He quickly formed a life-long friendship, with a boy named Denis.  Both had a fierce love of the open air. Through his friend, he was introduced to a farming family in the Golden Valley area who treated both boys as sons. All school holidays were spent on the farm. The bush country at that time was unlimited and untouched. Ian and Denis spent their days walking and roaming for miles with the African people living on the farm, watching and learning their ways, and those of the birds and animals.  In later life, Ian travelled the world with the Merchant Navy before joining Britain’s police service, retiring as a detective inspector thirty years later. He has never lost his love and passion for Africa, claiming it is at its best in the dry season. Harsh, hard and stark, with an inner stillness and a beauty of its own. Africa, especially Zimbabwe,  is deeply embedded in his blood, and Ian writes about our country from the heart.