Ann Warner

Ann Warner is an amateur photographer living in Harare, Zimbabwe whose passion is wildlife. Her desire is to bring more awareness to the world on the plight of Africa`s Wildlife, showing the beauty through her lens and articles in the hope that more people will help join in the fight to save it. Visit her Facebook page to see more of her lovely photographs.

Nyami Nyami: The River God

Nyami Nyami is the Zambezi River God. He is the protector of the Tonga people and gives them sustenance in difficult times. Believed by the Tonga tribe of the Zambezi Valley to be a serpent-like creature of about three metres wide and a length no one dares to guess at. Many years ago, Chief Sampakaruma is recorded as seeing him on two occasions but since the white man came to the Zimbabwe Nyami Nyami has been in hiding. Legend has it that Nyami Nyami would turn the river water red when swimming past.

Flashback: The Macho Man and the Elephant

We like to go up to Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba in the Zambezi Valley, knowing that many elephant live wild and, to some degree, with man close at hand. One often sees them walking down the main roads and yes, if you’re sensible you always give them right of way – a rampaging pachyderm can do an awful lot of damage to a car. Going out to photograph these beautiful creatures can be risky. One must always remember they are wild and to give them the space and the respect they deserve. Taking friends that have been visiting us to Kariba, especially if they share my passion for photography, is always special.