Adrian Staines


I was born on the 1st April 1941 in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England and was raised in Hampstead, London.  On the same date an RAF Wellington bomber dropped the first 4,000-pound blockbuster bomb of the war: these two events are not connected.

On completion of my education in 1959 I was employed in various capacities in a wide variety of jobs trying to find my niche in life.

By late 1961 I was becoming increasingly disenchanted with the society in which I lived and learned that assisted passage from England was offered to suitable applicants for employment in the commonwealth. I applied to Bermuda, Hong Kong and Rhodesia.  In February 1962 I arrived in Harare to join the British South Africa Police. I served in the force for twenty years, mostly in the various rural communities and, on being commissioned, some five years in Gweru and Bulawayo. During this time I also got married and, with my wife, raised three children.

On retirement from the Zimbabwe Republic Police force I joined a commercial engineering concern with whom I remained until 1994 when an opportunity arose for me to start my own engineering business.  In 2014 I disposed of my business and started work for a similar business owned by my son.

That’s all can say about my full, enjoyable and not unsuccessful life in the brief words your editor allowed me.

THE ZAMBEZI VALLEY: The View Through the Tamarind Trees

On our second morning two of our group decided to take a canoe trip from the pumphouse down the river back to Tamarind Tented Camp. Under the expert direction of Titch, who has over twenty years’ experience guiding on the Zambezi, they negotiated submerged tree stumps while maintaining a good distance from the hippos relaxing in the river. After coming in ahead of three other canoes they did admit to stranding themselves on a couple of sandbars, rowing into Titch’s canoe a couple of times and inadvertently making the canoe go backwards through their rather errant paddling!