Why The Individual Matters

In this world of “mass” everything, we tend to become desensitised to the importance of the individual. Protecting mega populations of wildlife is critically important. We understand that well.

However, how can the general world populace begin to understand the mega populations, without first understanding, connecting with, and respecting The Individual?

Molly: An Elephant Child.

Look at Syria. How many times have you skimmed over the mass destruction that you see in the media? However, that picture of the child, alone and desolate, made you stop and think, did it not? It stirred something in your soul.

The Individual faces of a culture, a race, a religion … and a species, are critically important for people to be able to understand, respect, and want to help those broad groupings. Those individuals can make or break generalised perceptions.

The dedicated team at Wild is Life ensure Molly receives round the clock care and attention.


So, when people ask us why we spend valuable resources on saving Molly, we say to them … there is no price too high, nor effort too great, to give this living victim, of a terrible atrocity, a second chance at life. She is representative of thousands of elephants within this country and this continent. She is representative of the biodiversity of our Nation. Our Zimbabwe.

Elephant love and support for Molly.

Without the likes of Molly, with whom people are able to form some kind of connection, our wildlife is doomed … no one will care enough to fund, nor work on the large populations and ecological systems.

Elephants are the truest, most purest and unadulterated form of our African heritage. Whatever it takes, in multiplicity, we must all play our part in preserving and protecting that valuable heritage.

Wild is Life’s baby elephants: orphans being given a second chance at life.

Editor’s Note

Molly was orphaned after her mother was shot and killed in a hunting incident in Zimbabwe toward the end of 2017. She arrived at Wild is Life in a critical condition, with brain trauma that may have been a result of the hunting incident. After intensive medical treatment she was able to stand, but could only walk in circles. She was introduced to the six elephant calves already resident at Wild is Life, and their reaction to her has been incredible. They helped her begin to walk straight, and provided her with the comfort so necessary for highly social animals such as elephants. Her reaction to being with elephants has gone a long way toward helping this brave little elephant survive.

Molly has an incredible will to survive, but she does need extra attention to help her cope with the setbacks that can only be expected after enduring such tragedy so early in life. She deserves a chance at life, and the promise of a future. She has that at Wild is Life/Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery.

Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.

John Donne





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