Snares: The Silent, Deadly Menace to Africa’s Wildlife

The incessant chopping noise above Chimoko was an alien sound. He’d not heard it before and it was not typical of the African bush. Curiously he looked around, trying to identify the source. Suddenly a sharp sting pierced his hide. Alarmed, Chimoko's immediate instinct was to get to safety. So he ran… through the mopane scrub and down into the river bed. He ran…

Jafuta Foundation: Preserving Community, Culture and Conservation

When carefully and considerately applied, ecotourism preserves and benefits the places where it operates. A genuine and successful ecotourism experience involves a real cultural exchange, benefitting both the clients and their hosts in terms of sharing moments of respectful and authentic interaction. Our ecotourism initiatives consider the issues of cultural voyeurism, commercialisation of rural communities and the negative mindset that can impact children and youths through entertaining visitors and receiving gifts and money in return.

Wildlife-Human Conflicts: Proposed Solutions for Conservation

Wildlife poaching inside Africa’s National Parks is a growing problem, even in places where trophy hunting has been permitted on the boundaries for decades. Communities dependent on seasonal hunting jobs and rations of “game meat” still live well below the poverty line. In many cases trophy hunting is no longer strictly regulated or controlled, leading to the hunting of the biggest and fittest animals from prides and herds entering hunting concessions from the safety of protected parks. This means that trophy hunting is not sustainable in the future.

For Molly.

Molly was an African elephant calf. She was born in the south of Zimbabwe – the Lowveld. In September 2017 she lost her mother when she was just six months old; not to poachers, but in a hunting “accident”. Her mother apparently charged a hunting party to protect her calf. The “professional hunter” (PH), who was tracking a wounded wildebeest, believing his group to be in danger, shot Molly’s mother. As he was not hunting elephant he did not have the correct weapon, so one can only imagine how long it took him to kill her.