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Footprints Zimbabwe is a travel magazine published in Zimbabwe with the aim of promoting local travel.

‘Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.’

The quotation that gave us our name perfectly describes Footprints’ attitude toward our planet, our continent and Zimbabwe. Each one of us leaves a footprint on the ground whenever we interact with our natural world. In today’s “global village”, our digital footprint does not fade or become obsolete. Just as a harshly spoken word can leave a lasting negative impression, so the same is true for a negative piece of writing or an unkind photograph posted on social media.

We have the power to choose what kind of footprint we wish to leave in our world.

Footprints magazine is all about leaving a positive mark. We focus on the wonderful diversity of our country Zimbabwe, celebrating the variety of our national parks, holiday resorts, traditions and culture. We are proud of the people that make our entire tourism industry one of the most efficient and hospitable in the world. Zimbabweans are renowned for our determination, our positive attitude and our generosity – we play a huge part of what makes our country such a great holiday destination.

Footprints magazine will celebrate the best of Zimbabwe, highlighting our partners, writers, photographers and other players that make our country so special with 21st century marketing:

A quarterly version of our magazine, available in print and electronic formats.
Marketing events, special offers, news and other information relevant to Footprints’ partners on all social media platforms.
Updates via blog posts and our website relative to Footprints’ partners, writers and photographers.

We look forward to working with you to highlight the best of Zimbabwe with the rest of the world.